Creative Ways To Ask A Girl Out


Do you like a special girl? And are you looking for ways to ask her out? Once you have a girl in sight, half the work is more or less done! But be sure of yourself and your decision to ask her out before you step out to do so!

Ask yourself if you are ready to be in a relationship and if your feelings for the girl in context are true.

The hard part doesn’t end at asking someone out. In fact, it begins there! You need to work hard at making your relationship a successful one. There is no point in asking someone out for the heck of it just because you feel like. Think things through and then come up with creative ways to ask that special girl out with the help of the tips below:

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Find out her special date

Her special date means her birthday and it is your job to find out when it is. Nothing is more romantic then asking a girl out on her birthday! Find out what date her birthday is on from mutual friends or people she works with and bring in the balloons as well as the birthday cake with the question in icing!

Write her a proposal poem

Draft her a poem like the old days! Tell her how much she means to you and how you wish to ask her out and make her your girl. Be frank, be sincere and write one that comes straight from the heart.


Play her a proposal song

A girl likes nothing more than a man who plays her a song. Write her an original one that you have composed yourself and play it for her in front of her house. If you can play a musical instrument, then it’s a hundred times better! So get out there with a song for her.

Gift her little treats

Girls love treats starting from teddy bears to candy. Keep bringing her little things you know she will like for a few days and end it by finally asking her out with a bouquet of colourful flowers.

Nothing does it like a bouquet of red roses

Deep wine red roses presented with a flourish of red ribbons is just about perfect. Tie them together and give it to her one fine day when she is on her way to work. She will be so touched by the gesture that she would most probably just agree to go out with you!

Find out her hobbies and take her out for them

Find out your crush’s hobbies, whether it’s shopping or eating out or just going on drives and then plan an outing that involves some or if possible all her hobbies. She will have a fun day and you can pop the question at the end of it before dropping her home.

Ask her on an email

Get her email address and ask her out through a nice, sweet email. Quote some famous romantic lines or poems in the email and express your true feelings for her.

Wait for her reply which will hopefully be a positive one.

Show her your skills

Every girl needs to be impressed. If you have a skill, show it off to her! If you can play a game of baseball well, invite her to a game! If you are in a band, invite her for a practice session. Let her see for herself what lovely skills you have so she can be attracted to you. Then ask her out when you feel the time is right!

Get to know her well

Visit her, get to know her family. Show them how nice a guy you are. Once they like you chances are that the girl will start liking you automatically too. So, ask her out when you know that you have got the rest of the family in your grip.

Make her a poster

Create a nice poster for her on your computer and print it, post it outside her door. Write your name too so she knows who its from! She won’t be happy about a stalker after-all!

Snail mail a love note

Nothing can beat an old fashioned love letter. Write her a letter explaining all your feelings and emotions and mail it over to her address. Not only will she be surprised by the letter but the content of it will definitely help you to grab her attention.

Write it out in the snow

You can also try to use food coloring or hot water in the snow to write out your proposal. Hot water is the best option because all you will need to do is to fill a water gun with it and squirt steaming hot water into the snow covered ground to convey your message to her. You can try the same with food coloring.

Make a website

You can make a website which can ask her the question on your behalf. You can fill the website with her pictures, a video message, poems and basically anything you find suitable for this purpose. However, make sure your actions don’t put you across as a stalker.

Ye olde treasure hunt

Nothing can be more fun and creative than the treasure hunt. This method of surprising people works on everything from proposals to birthdays and it never fails.

Make a puzzle

Another idea you can try is to make a puzzle that can ask this question for you. What you need to do is write your question on a piece of cardboard, cut it into uneven pieces to make it resemble a puzzle, wrap it in a gift box and leave it at her doorstep. Remember to mention your name otherwise this idea can make some other guy’s day!

Get a carrier pigeon

Carrier pigeons are one of the cutest ways to ask someone out. Write your feelings on a tiny scroll of paper and affix it to a little box sort of a thing around the pigeon’s leg and let it fly! The hard part however is to come across someone who deals in carrier pigeons and to make sure the girl you like understands that the pigeon is meant to convey some sort of a message.

The fortune cookie

You should take her out for lunch or dinner and end the meal with a fortune cookie. If you cannot convince the restaurant chef to use your scroll instead of theirs, you can bake these cookies at home. So basically, all you have to do is write you message on the scroll before you put it into the cookie.

Video/Photo montage

If she is your friend, you can make a collage of pictures you have of/with her and ask the question towards the end of the montage. You can choose a romantic song to play in the background to create the overall effect.

The traditional way

Nothing can beat the deadly combination of a bouquet of roses, a card, a box of chocolates and a stuff toy. This pack has a vintage appeal to it which is more or less guaranteed to fetch a yes.

Send your pet over

If you have a pet, tie it to her door with a note attached to it. Let the note convey your emotions and since she will have to call you to return your pet so conversation is guaranteed!

Movie theatre madness

If you know anyone who works in the local movie theatre or could pull a few strings there, propose to her during intermission. Let the words flash on the big screen while you kneel down or simply hold her hand, waiting for her answer.

Message on a balloon

If you want to ask her out without all the pomp and splendour, just write your message on a balloon and attach the balloon to her car or her locker or even the doorknob of her house and keep it simple.

So here you go! Ask a girl out using these creative methods to make the proposal much more interesting and to make the girl feel really special.