25 Creative Things To Do When Bored At Home


I love the feeling of freedom that comes with staying alone at home. I can practically do anything I want to without having to ask my parents or involving my brother! But honestly, whenever that becomes a regular occurrence, I get bored beyond my senses. So, I have made a list of things anyone can do to have some fun if they get bored at home. Hope this helps you to fight your boredom!

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1. If you have enjoyed shop class in the past, you can add some fun to your boring day by making a birdhouse, a piece of furniture or anything that you can put to some practical use. If someone’s birthday or anniversary is coming up, your creative endeavor can double as a gift.

2. You can use some magazines to make a collage for your room. Better yet, you can join four or more sheets to make sure it covers one of your bedroom walls and add some spunk to your room. If your bedroom walls have a pale color, covering the area behind the bed with a bright collage can be a great idea.

3. One of my favorite DIY style things are t-shirts. You can tear them, cut them, decorate them and they still look nice. If you have a plain white t-shirt in your cupboard, use it to make your own signature creation.

4 . Discover and encourage the musician in you. If you are a songwriter, spend your day writing a few songs and see how you fare. If youare more of a musician, try to make an original sound track. This activity is very time consuming and it will definitely be a lot of fun for those who enjoy music.

5. Have you ever considered making a wind chime at home? It’s not really that difficult you see. All you need is a bangle, a couple of thin pipes, some thread and a few trinkets. You can hang the pipes from the bangles with the help of the thread and hang the trinkets at the bottom. Wind chimes always look very nice.

6. People who are conscious about their health can spend an afternoon working out at home. Aerobics, yoga and even regular dancing can help you to stay in shape.


7. You can try your hand at making ice sculptures the next time you get bored at home. Instead of using giant blocks of ice, you can use small cubes. Use a chisel and a hammer to test your ability as a sculptor.

8. What can be more creative than your mind? Use the day to come up with plans for valentine’s day or your partner’s birthday. Even though you might think of it as a waste of time right now, it’s really going to help you to earn some brownie points on the big day.

9. I spent one entire afternoon at home practising magic tricks. I didn’t do that because I was getting bored or something but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. I eventually put up a show for my family using the tricks that I had amateurishly mastered and everyone liked it. You can also try to come up with something on the same lines.

10. Have you ever tried to make soap from scratch? It’s definitely time consuming but if you are getting bored, this can be a good way of killing some time. You can look online for a list of things you’ll need to create your own personalized soap!

11. Get a camera and start clicking pictures for your own (imaginary) photo exhibition. You can pick a theme before you start or like some great professionals, you can let the theme come to you as you shoot!

12. How many times have you looked at a video and told yourself that you could have done a better job? Why don’t you get hold of a video camera and shoot one right now? It’ll make time go faster and you can have some fun in the process.

13. If you have LEGO pieces in your house, use it to make a huge LEGO fortress! You can let your imagination run free on this one.

14. You can try your hand at gardening to spend some of your free time. A small kitchen garden is good for your body, it’s a lot of fun and it can double as a surprise for your mom!

15. You can start preparing for this years Halloween in advance by making a scary mask when you get bored at home.

16. When was the last time you had washed your car? Since you are getting bored at home, this can be the best time for you to catch up with your chores.

17. If you have matchboxes or toothpaste boxes lying around, you can glue them together, cover them in pretty looking paper and make tiny furniture to decorate your house. You can make a living room in your living room.

18. You can use this time to learn sign language.

19. You can make designs for your own fashion show. First, you have to draw the designs on pieces of paper. Then, you can stitch scraps of fabrics (don’t spoil anyone’s clothes) and make beautiful dresses. Finally, you can organize a fashion show for your friends and family on a later date.

20. You can spend the entire afternoon to come up with some pranks for your friends and siblings. How about a spider in your sister’s jewellery box or a water balloon under your brother’s pillow cover? You can plan something a little more elaborate since you have a lot of time on hand. Just remember to think big!

21. Lily Aldrin’s father isn’t the only person who can make his own board games. Be your own boss and come up with a nice concept for your own board game. You can actually write down all the instructions and rules on a piece of paper, cover a piece of cardboard with white paper, design the board and get all your friends to try it out when you meet them!

22. You can spend the entire afternoon learning hula dancing. Just put on some music and sway to the rhythm. That’s what hula dancing is all about. However, if you want to get some professional help on this one, get a DVD or better yet, watch videos from youtube!

23. If you are at home because you didn’t want to go out with your family, you can show them your love by preparing a scrumptious meal for them.

24. You can get hold of bits and pieces from your jewellery box and mix all the different parts to make your own jewellery.

25. Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? If you have, I am sure you have a vague design in mind as well. Since you are at home and there isn’t much to do, why don’t you sit with a piece of paper, some markers and design your dream tattoo?

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    Woah! That’s a really long list… I am never going to get bored again!

  • Howard

    Star treck fans can do their own movie marathon!

  • Howard

    I LOVE star treck! This list offers a lot of great options… Especially the one about ice sculptures! Innovative. Not really something I would have though of on my own. Really inventive ideas. Thanks!

    • Amanda

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  • Gina

    My favorite game is LEGO. I loved making thing with it as a kid and I love it even now. The best part about doing it alone is that neither my husband nor my kids would be around to crack jokes!

    • seth

      im only ten but gina i also love legos i have a ton of legos i kieep a bucket of them !!!!!!!!!!!

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    @Howard **Trek** (From one Trekie to another)