15 Best Compliments to Give Women


Women love compliments. They just can’t accept it if their spouse / partner doesn’t compliment them enough. This is why one will often find women looking for or rather, seeking out compliments from people they know. BY and large, every one likes to be appreciated and feel cared for, but women need a little bit of drama when it comes to this. When in a relationship, they dress up with more care and attention because they want to look good and to receive compliments, admiration from their men.

There is never such a thing as enough compliments for women. Women live to hear good things about themselves. Here below are 15 compliments to give women:

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You look beautiful

All women like to feel beautiful. And the best way for them to feel so is by people telling them they are. That’s why this figures as a number one compliment. If you are in a relationship with a woman, be sure to just keep telling her she is really beautiful.

You are so smart / intelligent

Women like to be told that they are smart and intelligent. Teamed with the compliment above, its pretty much one of the best compliments you could give them. Whenever they say or do something smart, tell them that they are very intelligent.


You are a great person

Women have their share of insecurity and therefore they need to often be told that they are great people to be around. A compliment as simple as this can make them feel very good.

You are perfect in every way

Women strive for perfection. They try their best to balance their work and personal commitments and a compliment that refers to how perfect they are can be a great compliment for them.

You are so cute

Along with being pretty or being made to feel pretty, women like to know or be told that they are cute. That’s why; it’s a good thing to tell them that they are cute in their looks and by nature.

You’re a great cook

Women cook (although some hate to from the bottom of their heart) they cook as part of their daily activity. And if they are told that they make delicious food, it makes them want to improve their skills.

You are so unique, I never met someone like you

Although women in general have a lot of similarity, they also strive to be unique and different from other women. So if told that they are unique, they feel really good about it.

You are so sensible and practical

By nature, women are wired to be practical and sensible. That’s why they run much more efficient households as compared to men. When given recognition for their practical sense, they appreciate it a lot.

You are exactly what I have been looking for

Everyone likes to feel loved but women like to feel loved with more drama and if told that they are the one that a man has been looking for, it literally sweeps them off their heels.

You are the ideal woman

Every woman aspires to be ideal and they need to be told that they are to reaffirm it. Ideal in the sense that they are different, they can manage everything they need to with elan and that they go through life successfully.

My world would never be as good, without you

Women like to know that they make a difference to someone’s life, to someone’s world. And its for this that they need to be told once in a way that without them things wouldn’t be as good.

You are an inspiration to me

It gives a woman great happiness to know that she has inspired the life of someone. Or has inspired them to do something better. So, telling her that she is an inspiration works as a great compliment.

I wish more women were like you

By this compliment, you are basically telling a woman that she sets a perfect example for others and this acts as a great compliment for her.

You are a woman of talents

Telling a woman she is talented is another compliment that works well because they love knowing / being told that they have gifts!

You bring out the best in me

A woman loves knowing she brings the better side of people out and telling her so in a compliment is good.

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