How to Catch Your Cheating Spouse


A cheating spouse is one of the worst things to break a marriage. A couple can try and tide over any sort of turbulence in a marriage; however a cheating spouse is the greatest challenge of all.

It is not rare to find cheating spouses these days. Due to the fact that today every body is exposed to a working climate, while at the office or for even people at home: the long hours away from each other’s spouse can result in severe emotional absences that are dealt with by people having flings or extra marital affairs.

The best way to deal with the situation is to first find out for sure if your spouse is really cheating on you or not. There are several tell-tale signs but then again, these signs are not the only thing that should influence your decision. You should take an average result of the tell-tale signs and then team it with some solid proof so that when you do finally confront your spouse you know exactly what’s happening (thus leaving no room for lies).

Look for the following tell-tale signs if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you:

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Your spouse doesn’t answer your calls when they are late at work

It’s normal to have late nights at work but if your spouse stops taking your calls during these late nights and it happens way too often then it’s a sign that they could be using that excuse to spend time with someone else.

Your spouse suddenly has more late nights at work than usual

While it’s normal to have late nights at work, if your spouse suddenly seems to be having more the numbers of late nights then it’s a sign that they are seeing someone else. Measure the number of times they tell you that they will be late from work and if its happening too often then start asking around.


They take extra care to look their best

When a couple has been together for a while, they tend to take a step back when it comes to the subject of grooming themselves in front of each other. However, if your spouse suddenly seems to be paying extra attention to get ready before they go out alone then there’s a high probability that it’s probably because they are having an affair.

They avoid answering questions about where they are going

When your spouse is heading out, you would usually know where they are going because they will tell you. But if your spouse suddenly avoids giving you direct answers it’s because they want to keep something from you and that something is probably their affair.

They start behaving differently around you

A spouse who is cheating will always have a sense of guilt inside their mind. This will result in a slight change in behavior where they suddenly start becoming too caring on the surface of things or start buying things to keep you happy. Look for a change in natural behavior and if there is one then its one of those signs.

They become secretive

A cheating spouse will suddenly become secretive regarding their life, their work, their expenses etc. This is because they don’t want to get caught and as a result they try to stop talking too much in case they blurt something out.

They don’t attend family outings as frequently

When a spouse is having an extra marital affair, they will tend to avoid family outings and gatherings. At a family gathering, the couple has to put up a happy face that gives others the sign that nothing is wrong. However, the cheating one will know that something is and will want to avoid facing family members as a result of it.

They keep their phone away from you

As a married couple, it is normal to look into or even use each other’s mobiles. But a cheating spouse will have plenty of things to hide in their phone in terms of messages between them and their affair partner and call histories. This is why a cheating spouse will try to keep their phone hidden from view of their married partner.

They don’t make plans with you as often as they used to

When your spouse suddenly doesn’t seem interested in going with you for a movie or for dinner and if it happens way too often then it’s a sign that they are in another relationship and would rather hang out with their new find. Try to see how often this happens before coming up with any conclusion though.

They don’t call you as often as they used to from work

There would have been a time in your marriage when you used to call your spouse and your spouse used to call you. Over time, maybe the frequency of the calls changed but there would have been some. However, if your spouse is cheating, the frequency would drop to maybe nothing and even if there is call it would often be just to say that they will be home late.

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