How To Calm Down An Angry Girlfriend


It is very difficult to deal with an angry girlfriend. As her boyfriend, you will have to say the right thing to her and do the right thing to make sure she calms down. An angry girlfriend can be very difficult to manage and take care of but just because she’s angry doesn’t mean you should be scared of her or get intimidated. Just be yourself and treat her like you normally would. Don’t waste a lot of time thinking about the consequences. Shower her with love because that’s what a woman always wants. Here are a few ways you may find useful to calm down an angry girlfriend:

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Be patient:

It is very important to be patient when dealing with anger. Since she is going to be full of emotions which are just waiting to burst out, remind yourself of the virtue of patience before you go to talk to her. Don’t expect her anger to fade away as soon as you start talking.

Try to talk to her:

You will have to initiate conversation to help her to get it out of her system. Ask her what’s troubling her. Even if she resists opening up at first, try to persuade her into talking to you about how she feels. She will have to vent out her feelings. Talking to an angry girlfriend helps her to detoxify in a way.

Don’t get angry:

It is very natural to get angry when your efforts don’t bear results but resist the urge to resort to anger. Getting angry is not the solution to help someone to calm down. Stay calm even if she starts shouting. If you feel your temper rising, go to the balcony, calm yourself and try to talk to her again.

Admit your mistake if you are wrong:

If you are the reason for her anger then be a man and apologize. An apology doesn’t cost anything especially if it can help to improve the situation. Even if it’s not entirely your fault, apologize to her for the time being and talk to her about your side of the story after she has calmed down.

Be a good listener:

Listen to what she has to say. Don’t keep agreeing to everything she says because girls can sense fake concern. Try to be a good conversationalist. Attentive listening from your end will motivate her to talk to you about her feelings.


Ask her questions:

One way to show that you are paying attention to her is by asking her detailed questions about the situation during your conversation with her. Such behavior will prove that you are paying attention to her and that you genuinely want to contribute to a logical solution.

Don’t start lecturing:

Guys have a tendency to start preaching and lecturing in such situations. Since your girlfriend is already angry, don’t spoil her mood further by telling her how she could have avoided such a situation or by pointing out her mistakes. Such a conversation should happen when the storm has blown away. Wait for her to regain her composure before you educate her about such things.

Accept what she has to say:

When you speak to her, she will tell you a million different things and you are not obligated to agree with her at every point. But, don’t disagree with her on her face. Keep answering in affirmative because that’s what she wants to hear. She is in need of some support so even if you think she’s wrong, save it for another conversation.

Look into her eyes when you talk:

When you talk to her, look straight at her. Look into her eyes because that is a sign of confidence. When people lie, they look everywhere but at the person they are talking to so if you want her to believe you, you should look into her eyes. Your body language can play a key role in easing her anger.

Give her some time:

The best thing to do when someone is angry is to let them be on their own. Irrespective of how much you would want to discuss things with her, let her be on her own for some time so that she can do some self-evaluation. You have already tried talking to her so pushing her in that direction won’t be very helpful.

Try to divert her mind:

Try to think of another topic to talk to her about. Instead of harping on the same subject (when it isn’t giving any results), talk to her about things that interest her or share some gossip with her. Women just love gossipping so she will react to it in some time if not immediately!

Hold her in your arms and let her cry:

If the situation is beyond repair, hold her close to you and let her cry. Wipe her tears. Tell her that things will change and get better. Such mature behavior will show that you care about her and that you are sensitive to her feelings. Even if you aren’t able to find a solution, you will provide her solace and comfort.

Take her out:

If she is very angry, take her out to make her happy. You can go for a walk in the park or for a long drive. Not only will this pleasant change improve her mood but it will also divert her mind and help her to relax.

Do things she likes:

If she likes chocolates, buy her a bag full of them. Get her flowers, treat her to her favorite ice cream or take her out for dinner. Do things she likes and enjoys.

Try to help her to come to a solution:

The smart thing to do in such a situation would be to help her to find a solution. Once she realizes that she’s not alone and that there is a way out, she will calm down on her own.

  • Anders

    There is no point in trying to calm an angry girlfriend. Just disappear for the time being and she’ll come back to her senses…

  • Monica

    A little love and a lot of cuddling… that’s just what a girl wants, angry or not!

    • Anonymous

      if a girlfriend is hanging out wth sme other guy thn wat shud a boyfrnd do? ??

  • Jason

    Women get really annoying when they are angry. You can’t go around them but they still want you to stick around, they won’t talk to you but they want you to sit with them and comfort them. And if it’s your fault, there’s no way a simple sorry can make things right! I just don’t get it about girlfriend’s these days….

  • Joan

    All a girl want is some love. Even when she’s angry and physically pushes her boyfriend away. there’s nothing she’d want more than that guy to hug her tight and say that he’s going to be around forever. It’s actually that simple!

  • Justin

    If your woman is a crazy psycho who has no control over herself when she’s angry, RUN AWAY!!!

    • Debrickashaw

      LOL i did but i didn’t run away fast enough


    the fruitful way to give her enough time to make that self evaluatio, it’s a matter of time

  • Jo

    this sexist as hell. Dear fucking god.

    • Joseph

      How is this sexist? This shows what a woman wants. Science shows this. And in almost equal situations men react the same way. If at all this aids to feminism and exposes the fundamentals of feminine frailty. A true feminist would tell you that they are strong and that if you limit them to the freedom of emotion and relying on someone they love then you are the sexist.

  • Lindsey

    I only found this page because I googled the things in a picture a guy friend sent me when he blurred out the link