How To Deal With Bullying In The Workplace


At large, workplace bullying can be defined as an attempt by a single employee or group of employees to harass or belittle an employee (or a group again), thus creating an environment where the security of the worker(s) comes under threat. Definitions do not matter much until their words and statements come to bite us. This is exactly the case with workplace bullying. Often, the entire matter is being known to produce quite drastic results.

The word bullying has the same meaning in a workplace which it has elsewhere. It deals with abuse of power and an attempt by a person (generally at top hierarchy) to outrage the modesty or dignity of a worker. Such gestures invariably give a feeling of defenselessness. It is much like the storming of a fortress that a person builds around himself or herself.

Those who confuse bullying with aggression should understand the key difference between the two. While aggression refers to a spur of moment action or at any rate, a one-time action of one-upmanship, bullying follows a trend and is manifest in repeated set of actions. You would have often heard from an employee that his/her job is constantly scrutinized and publicly criticized by his/her reporting head. Some complain about being continuously under impractical deadlines while others may talk about being at the receiving end of cuss words.

This is not all; there are examples of workplace isolation and constant verbal intimidation just as well. Overall, the scene becomes very dull and unproductive for a person(s) who is (are) at the wrong end of bullying. However, humans are about solutions and not problems and this has made us the most resilient species on our planet. To extrapolate, it is important not only to talk about the problems associated with bullying but perhaps it is time to lay emphasis on the solutions related to it. Let’s then take a look at how to deal with workplace bullying.

1.) You must report to human resources as soon as you feel you are being bullied. You can still let the matter pass if it seems to be a one-off incident (in good faith) but if you have reasons to believe that the attack is deliberately directed at you more than once, you should report it immediately.

2.) Keep your personal diary out of reach of any person. Often, a bully targets you only after reading the most intrinsic details of your diary.


3.) A bully often tries to create an atmosphere of conflict between two employees or an employer and an employee. If you get the signals, try to talk to your co- worker or employer and explain him what you think about the modus operandi of a serial bully. Often, this technique boomerangs on him and makes him the object of disdain.

4.) Be a part of one team or another. Bullies generally target those who are completely secluded from any group.

Bullying is in very bad taste. Not only does it hamper workplace productivity but also makes the work environment full of uncertainties. Workers get worried – Who may be next? And this is not the best mind frame to work in. It is prudent then and also quite significant to discourage any attempts at bullying at your workplace.

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    Workplace bullying is a major problem and I had been the victim of it as well and from my experience i can tell the tips you provided in order to deal with the workplace bullying are very helpful.

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    Bullying can get very serious at work and impact your professional life along with your personal life. I am just glad I never had to face something like this at work but I know what to do in case I ever get into such a situation. I love the substance this article has.

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