Broken Link Checker wordpress Plugin for SEO


Broken link checker plugin is a must have plugin for your Blog. This plugin will notify you if it found any broken link in your Blog. Links usually get broken due to page get deleted, change of subdirectory, site moved to new domain etc. It is very difficult for you to track which links are broken and it’s a very tedious process.

Broken link checker will check all the internal and outgoing links in your site to make sure your visitor would not see a 404 error. It is also a good search engine optimization practice to keep your Blog clean from 404 errors.

Features Of  Broken Link Checker Plugin

  • It will check all your pages and posts in the background for all the broken links whenever you login into admin panel.
  • It will check all the links that are not working and missing images.
  • It will notify you on the dashboard if it detects any problem.
  • This plugin also allows you to schedule the link checking according to your requirements.

Broken link checker is very easy to install and use. It has its on admin panel from where you can configure this plugin according to your requirements. So don’t annoy your visitors and search engines anymore with broken links, start using this plugin.

Download: Broken Link Checker wordpress Plugin