20 Places to Meet Rich Women


A lot of men want to meet rich women. They have everything cut out for them right from the finances to security to their social status. They are wealthy because of their own hard work or inheritance but whatever it is, they stand out by the way they conduct themselves.

Rich women are very often sought after for their money and accomplishments by people looking for a little security. However, there are times when another man with the same status equation tries to find someone to share his love with. Irrespective of whether you’re the former or the latter, you can fall in love with anyone at any point of time, planned or not and to help you out a little, we have a list of 20 places to find and meet rich women.

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Art Galleries - Where else will you find a woman who has taste and money? A lot of rich single ladies like visiting art galleries for intellectual pursuits and also to buy good paintings. They enjoy being connoisseurs of art and visiting art galleries helps them further in sharpening their knowledge.

Exotic Holiday Destinations - If you have money and you are looking for a little privacy, what better than an exotic vacation that lets you be in peace? Rich women who work very hard all year round tend to look for similar places when on a vacation. A scantily populated holiday location also means less competition for you.


Five Star Hotels - By far one of the easiest places to find rich and single women. Five stars offer them respite from their day to day lives. Such places help them to relax and are quite affordable to these women. They go to these places to get what they want and if you’re lucky, you might get it too.

Specialty Shops - Tiny shops tucked in little corners oozing luxury and serving high quality food is the next hangout on our menu. Delicatessen shops, patisseries and chocolate boutique’s allow them to grab their favorite food in an upscale atmosphere.

Fashion shows - What place can be better than a fashion show to bag a little rich lady of your own? If you can manage to get invited to a fashion event, consider yourself halfway there since these events attract many rich and single ladies with a taste of and for the high life.

Upper class Bars – Now where do rich women go when they need a drink? A classy bar of course! Bars have single women who come in clusters, the environment is relaxed and easy and the comfortable atmosphere makes going up to one of these women a lot easier.

Expensive Clothing Stores – Clothes are something that someone can never have enough of. Expensive clothing stores cater only to those who can manage to pay for what they sell, so it’s a sure shot winner on our list.

High End Restaurant – Like the others, the only serious thing needed to be here is a very stable bank account. Women meet in such places in small cliques for brunches and dinners and if you’re looking for a hot spot, this is probably one of them.

Luxury Spas – After a hard day’s work, these women love getting themselves pampered in luxury spas to relieve stress and relax, and money is definitely not a factor for them.

Baltimore/New York/Boston – Based on an article where Teasley (2005) states that ‘If you are looking to find a rich, single female, then head to the Washington/Baltimore corridor’. After identifying Baltimore as the best city in the US for people looking for rich, single women, he aptly goes on to rank York and Boston as the 2nd and 3rd best. Now you know where to go to find your one true, rich lady love.

Online Dating Websites - This is the newest and by far the easiest way to find rich and single women. All you have to do is sit at home, register yourself on dating websites and just wait for magic to be created. Some of these websites charge a registration fee so keep your investment in mind.

lite Clubs – The key to figuring out the places where rich women go to relax is to understand their need for two things-: luxury and exclusivity. Country clubs, golf clubs, yacht clubs give them both. All you need now is a membership in one of these to get a chance and charm these women.

High End Jewelry Stores – What can attract a woman more than jewelry? Jewelry stores attract women with refined tastes and who have the money to pay for it.

High Society Parties – This is one of the very obvious places to find single women who suit your needs. These parties are full of the most well connected people in the city, all them accomplished and rich. You get an invite into one of these and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Nightclubs – Nightclubs are a haven for women who are rich and love to splurge. The more exclusive they get, the richer the people in them get and any nightclub you go to is always bustling with women who’ve come for a ‘girl’s night out’.

Opera – If you’re someone who has an inclination towards the theatrics, an opera would be a great place to meet a woman who’s rich, single and has a liking for the theatrics as well.

High-end Gyms – These women love to stay fit and they visit the gym regularly. Their memberships are usually in the best gyms in town and usually they are very particular about their fitness regime because often it’s the only exercise they get in the whole day.

Wine Tasting Events – These events are usually private, full of people who enjoy and appreciate wine and a lot of them are women who possess not only money but class as well.

Coffee shops in high end shopping areas – After a hard day of shopping, women usually go to the nearest coffee shops before heading home for their daily caffeine intake. High end shops accommodate rich women only and the good coffee shops in those places are always full of such clientele.

Posh Beauty Salons – These are great places to meet rich women from different walks of life who gather together for some indulgence. Some of these salons are uni-sexual so you can go in as well and look for someone who catches your fancy while you groom yourself.

You can find a lot of rich and single women around you if you look for them, and now you also know the kind of places they usually hang out in. But, the quest isn’t over:. You also have to focus on how to talk to them once you see the, how to conduct yourself around them, your etiquette, and so much more so all the best for that. Just remember, it’s all in the mind.

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