12 Ways to know if Your Long Distance Relationship Fading Away?


It is a well known fact that long distant relationships are difficult to manage and more often than not, it comes to an end. The end can be a mutual decision or a one sided effort but how can you understand when your long distance relationship is about to end? Here are some ways to know if your long distance relationship is fading away:

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People stop making efforts to communicate

If you are used to talking to your partner for hours and it has gradually reduced in duration, there is nothing to worry about. But, if you reduce speaking to your partner or if your partner reduces talking to you because of laziness that is when you can understand that things are changing in your relationship. Everyone has to make efforts to communicate in a relationship and the efforts have to be doubled when it comes to a long distance relationship. If you don’t feel like making the effort to communicate anymore, your relationship might be hitting troubled waters.

Speaking to your girlfriend/boyfriend takes a backseat

When the relationship gradually fades away into in-existence, one of the warning signs will be a decrease in the importance your partner used to give to you. If you are willing to spend your free time listening to music, going out with friends and doing everything but speaking to your partner, its time for you to get a reality check.


Noticeable decrease in using endearing terms

When people start growing apart, there is a noticeable decrease in endearing terms when they speak to each other. When the relationship is healthy, they enjoy giving each other nicknames but when people move away from each other on an emotional level, they unconsciously stop using any terms of endearment because it stops feeling right.

You are reluctant to meet the other

Nothing seems to make any difference when love fades away. A sign for this fading love would be reluctance in meeting your partner because if you meet him, you will have to make small talk with him, spend time with him and maybe get intimate with him. Since you are trying to avoid situations where things might get awkward for you, meeting him (which was the previously the best part of your day/weekend) seems like a struggle.

You feel unimportant around him/her

This person, who used to make you feel that the world belongs to you, has suddenly stopped making you feel important, let alone special. This happens primarily because he stops mattering to you and in return, you feel that you don’t matter to him. You start overlooking the things that used to make you feel special when you started dating him. So, the feeling of unimportance is not completely his fault.

He keeps overlooking problems in your relationship

If you feel that your long distance relationship is fading away because he has stopped bothering with some serious problems in your relationship or stops supporting you emotionally, you may be right since he might have given up on the relationship. Men tend to distance themselves from their partner when they don’t feel the need to be in a relationship with them. Since the physical distance exists already, the only thing they need to take care of is the emotion which is dealt with in the aforementioned manner.

He stops compromising your needs for his

When two people who were madly in love with each other start putting their needs before their partners rather than the other way round, it can be considered as a sign of a fading relationship where their individual progress is the most important thing.

You have difficulty in trusting him/her

Since you have a different sort of a connection when you truly love someone, it is improper to doubt that person. When your trust on your partner starts to fade away, it signals the gradual fading away of your relationship because somewhere on a subconscious level, you have accepted the fate of this relationship.

You are ignored if he/she is out with friends and family

If your partner has stopped take your calls when she is out with friends and family and it has become a regular occurrence, it means that she doesn’t have the urge to speak to you. This might be because you have gradually lost your importance in her life and both of you are gradually parting ways.

If your partner starts spending time with someone of the opposite sex

If she suddenly finds some other guy interesting and prefers to hang around in the company of others rather than you, then it’s safe to assume that she is gradually substituting you with someone else.

Romantic gestures come to a halt

When the small little things she did for you stop and dinner dates are filled with an awkward silence, you should realize that things are about to end between the two of you.

A change in their behavior

If there are random changes in her behavior, if the things that she used to adore about you suddenly become annoying and irritating to her and if she starts picking at every small thing you do, talk to her about everything that is going on because for all you know, your relationship is fading away.

  • Annie

    When my relationship of 4 yrs ended, I was heartbroken. I hadn’t noticed these signs because I was too busy with work but when it ended, i felt like nonsense. I wish I had read this article before… But great article

  • NuTan

    The worst part of an LDR is when one partner gives up, gives in to temptation…but will not let go of the other partner…keeping them hanging in dishonest hope…

    acceptance that the relationship will not work is not painless but positively less painful than living in a relationship of lies…

    it is so much better to part with tearful cherished memories of something that maybe was not destined to work but with all the love and respect given into trying to make it work…

  • so far my LDR he didn’t changed from the day we knew eah other,in fact he encreased his feelings on me,thank you my LDR.MR. GREY EYES d

    so far my LDR didn’t changed from the day we knew each others, in fact hes feelings increased further more. I love you my LDR!!! MR. grey eyes

  • Naina

    When my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me he even used some of these exact words… “We need a reality check”, “You did a lot to keep this relationship healthy, I’m the one who’s gotten lazy” Looking back, almost all of these signs were there if I’d been paying attention. In the end it’s kinder to break things off than to leave someone hanging on and waiting for nothing.

  • Salsa

    I can recognise these signs with my relationship . It was on fire at first regarless of distance, now with these signs,he tries to convince me that it’s just a phase and he’s been busy with family and stuff which was never a problem with us ! The worst part is that he chooses to play stupid facebook games rather than skyping with me !! Usually i would walk away without thinking twice , but I guess i love him so much that i chose to put up with this stupid hurtful atitude! What do you think I should do ?


    I think that aside my relationship been based on pity it also fading, away too bad for me

  • Lexi Medrano

    All these signs are on point. He especially ignores me when he’s with his family or friends. 3 months ago, I told him that I was starting to feel unimportant to him and I would really want him to be here at that moment. He stopped everything, got out of work and even planned flights out here. Now, I tell him the exact same thing but he just turns it into a huge fight. I really do not want to accept this, but I guess I have to.