12 Part Time Jobs for Seniors That Pay well


If you are a recently retired senior, you might just be confused about what to do with all the time you have at hand. You do not feel like sitting at home with nothing to do. It definitely is the time to enjoy some free time after so many years of being employed, however; you don’t want to just watch TV or take naps the whole day, do you?

There is another aspect that you might be worried about, post retirement. The usual thing- ‘money’! You might not be used to cutting down on your expenses just yet. Well, the great thing is that you have the option of taking up one of the many available part time jobs for seniors. Here we have listed down 12 part time work options that you can pursue.

  1. Freelance consulting
  2. Keep the same job for lesser hours
  3. Research
  4. Government
  5. Tourism/seasonal retailing
  6. Sports Team Assistant
  7. Customer Service
  8. Tutor
  9. Online Sales
  10. Part Time Medical Staff
  11. Patient Care
  12. Tax Help

Let us now take a look at the details of these part time jobs in detail individually:

Freelance Consulting:

When you were self-employed or associated full time with an organization, you must have developed expertise in your line of work. Online companies these days are more than willing to hire freelance consultants for their companies. You just need to know how to market your skill over the web. The Money is good and work hours offer a lot of flexibility. This sort of a part time job will keep you occupied during the day and the best part is that you can choose the project you want to take up.

Freelance Consulting

Same Job Part-Time:

You can speak to your management team at your previous office and ask them if they are willing to hire you as a part time worker for the same job. This is a win-win situation for both of you. Your company gets to hire you without having to waste money or resources in training and you get a part time job which pays you well and also allows flexibility.

Same Job Part-Time


Research Work:

With your level of expertise in your line of business, you can go ahead and approach research companies for the part time job of a research analyst. The job is very interesting as it helps in increasing your knowledge. You can visit libraries to gather research material. Also, there is vast information available online, you can go ahead and research a variety of topics online.

Research work

Government Part-Time Jobs:

The US government also rolls out options for people to get associated with part-time jobs. These jobs pay very well and look great on your work profile. You will need to know the ways to get in touch with government agencies to be able to look for a job in this category.

Government part-time jobs

Seasonal Jobs:

There is always an option to join a hospitality job during high tourist season. The job can be taken up part time and work hours can be fixed beforehand. You may also want to work as a part time worker in a retail outlet assisting sale and purchase.

Seasonal jobs

Sports Team Assistant:

when a sports team is touring in your town or some sort of a tournament is being held, you can go ahead and look for the part time job of a team assistant. The job may include tasks like assisting sports team members, escorting viewers to their seats and supplies management. This job has great perks as you get to be a part of all the excitement associated with the sports event.

Sports team assistant

Customer Service:

There is huge demand for dedicated customer service agents all over the country. You just need to have good communication skills and the correct amount of service intent towards customer looking for help. You might even get the option of working from home in this case. You will have to see if you want a company sponsored telephone and internet connection or you want to charge the company for it separately. With your age and experience it is a great part time work option.

Customer service


If you are a retired teacher you may already have a great reputation and students will be lining up to take classes from you, however; if that is not the case, you can still take up this part time job option. The key of course, is to be able to find students. You can advertise online and use your social network to ‘spread the word’. The advantages of this part time job are that money is great and work hours can be set by you depending on your comfort level.


Online Sales:

You may have a hobby of collecting unique things, well; you can convert this hobby into a part time business. Use the internet to sell things. Once you have started this business, you can go ahead and look for more sellable items and make your business successful. This job pays according to your efforts however it is a great way to establish a social network for further orders.

Online sales

Part Time Medical Staff:

If you are retired medical personnel, this is going to be a comfortable part time job for you. In case you don’t already have a medical degree, you can complete a few certificate courses. A pert time medical job is a wonderful service to community and you get to learn invaluable medical details. This job is for you if you love community service.

Part time medical staff

Patient Care:

patient care is not all about medical assistance. So many patients these days require a person to help them with daily errands. Assisting the patients in their jobs, household chores, shopping, cooking or dressing up can be a great way to make some extra money. You would however have to set your work hours according to the patient’s demands.

Patient care

Tax Help:

If you have an accounting degree, you can pick up the job of a part time tax helper. This job entails helping clients calculate tax amounts and filing of taxes on a timely basis. The money in this job is wonderful and if you do a good job you get a lot of recommendation through ‘word of mouth’.

Tax Help