10 Hair Extensions Pros and Cons


Hair extensions are the trendiest things in the market these days and we all want to participate in this hair frenzy. However, it’s only intelligent to asses the positive and negative aspects of this hair procedure so that you don’t end up messing your hair to look trendy for a couple of months. This evaluation of the pros and cons might help you:

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They make you look pretty: Hair extensions add volume and beauty to your hair. It gives you the look that you wanted but couldn’t get. Another great thing about extensions is that you can style it any way you like without worrying about damaging your natural hair. You can straighten it, curl it and braid it. Also, extensions come in a variety of shades so you can go punk one day and look perfectly demure the next and with different application techniques to choose from, your hair can look prettier than it already is.

No damage when you clip it in: Like I mentioned earlier, there are a variety of options available when it comes to adding the extensions to your hair. You can use clip in extensions, sewn in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions or just glue them in. You can actually control the damage your extensions can do to your hair by choosing an option that’s least damaging. Clip in extensions don’t damage your hair at all because you can clip them in when you are about to go out and remove them when you don’t. They don’t require tugging or pulling so they don’t damage your hair.

Inexpensive (when fusion hair extension’s not used): Apart from the fusion extensions (which will burn a big hole in your pocket), the other options are pretty much affordable.

Temporary solution for short hair: If you have short hair and can’t wait for it to grow long, hair extensions is the answer to your prayers. With the help of these, your hair can go from short to long in to time and because extensions are either detachable or come off after a couple of months, they are a temporary solution. Once the extensions are taken off, you can sport a new hair trend.


Status symbol: Hair extensions have evolved to become a status symbol since good extensions cost a fortune. The quality of extensions on your hair can very easily determine your wealth which is why high quality extensions are usually spotted on celebrities and socialites.


Expensive: Fusion extensions, which look real when attached properly, are very expensive. It does give a fuller coverage to your hair but thee entire process generally costs between $750 and $2000 which can push your budget completely over the line. And since it lasts only for a couple of months, you’ll have to do damage control as soon as the extensions start falling out which means spending more money. Another reason for the extensions to be typically sported by the rich and the famous is because the quality of extensions vary with the price and the better the extension, the more expensive it is.

Damages scalp: Unless you buy clip in extensions (which look fake and is easily recognizable), the other extension techniques damage your hair by various degrees. If you choose to sew in the extensions, they don’t damage your hair that much since the extensions are braided with your real hair however, tugging and pulling while combing can your hair to thin. Even though fusion extensions aren’t supposed to damage your hair, it gets damaged when you brush your hair or style it (due to all the tugging). Glued in extensions speak for themselves. Just think about why applying some kind of adhesive is not supposed to damage your scalp and you will get my point.

Requires additional care and rooming: Once you have hair extensions, you will have to be extra careful when combing, brushing and styling your hair. You will also have to be cautious while shampooing and conditioning it. Also, you will have to be careful about your hair products and use extension friendly products only.

Hair gets tangled up: Since these extensions have plugs near the hair roots, they are very difficult to detangle once they get messed up. It involves an awful lot of pulling and tugging which further damages the hair and thins it down. So, you will have to very particular about your hair regime everyday when you get up and before you go off to sleep so as to not mess it up.

They can look unnatural: If you don’t go to a reputed place to get your extensions (even if it exceeds your budget), there are high chances for the extensions to not come out right and irrespective of how bad they look, you will have to bear the consequences. There are so many hair extensions that go wrong and they end up with metal beads poking out from every visible scalp area. If that happens to you, then you will be noticed for unnaturally pretty ‘fake’ hair rather than unnaturally pretty hair.

Think before you jump into getting a hair extension because you have to be able to afford it and maintain it. Otherwise, you will just end up damaging your hair.

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    Better be careful than be sorry! I have read a lot on clip on extensions and I think it’s the safest. I bought some a couple of months back and there’s no tugging at the hair or any side effects. I put them on whenever I feel like and once I am done, I remove them. No hair stylists or anything…

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    I think clip ons are the best. I always use clip ons. They are easy to use, you can put them in at any time. they don’t damage your hair and this article has strengthened my opinion about them!